Indo Bakels

Established in 1997, Indo Bakels has a well-equipped manufacturing plant for specialized bakery ingredients. The factory is located at Khapoli, just outside near Mumbai (Bombay) where manufacturing began in May 1997. These locally produced products rely on Bakels international technology and have been specifically developed to meet the unique needs of the Indian market.

The initial group of products released were Bread Improvers, Baking Powders, Tincol pan release agent, Bakels paste gel emulsifier and Preservatives. These were targeted primarily at the larger bakery companies with whom Indo Bakels has now established strong working relationships.

The second group of products released in mid 1998 were Egg-free Cake Concentrates (Sponge & Cake Concentrates), Apito Flavoring Pastes, Pettinice RTR Icing and Hadeja Flan Gel.

Indo Bakels is now well placed to supply the market with superior quality products and have been clocking consistent growth every year.

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